Welcome! We feel this site will be helpful to both contractors and project owners alike. It will help them to organizing estimates and project details, and will also help prevent companies from overlooking some potentially costly line items, by using our revolutionary and standardized bid template system.

Finally, there is an organized way of putting all contractors on an even playing field when it comes to pricing jobs. It can also serve as a great tool for you to communicate with each other about the project, and will organize the project, by utilizing the job tools we've assembled for your convenience. These tools include project time lines, decision schedules, product selections, payment information, etc...

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Once you enter, you can look up projects using the submit a bid request function at the top of the screen. Contractors, you will make what is called a bid request, because available bid slots need to be approved before you can do an actual bid. In other words, you need permission from the project owner to bid on a given project. There is a predefined number of bid slots available for a given project (currently three), and once a request is submitted, it will either be accepted or rejected by the project owner, and marked as such on your review screen. You will also have the option to cancel a bid request you submit, before it's accepted.



The same functionality exists for the project owners, and they can make a request that you fill a bid slot for a given project. They will usually pick you, because you match their projects criteria for contractor coverage location, and project type. So that means you'll also have other requests in your inbox for a given project, that you can either accept, decline, or simply ignore. If ignored, they will expire automatically, making them available for other contractors to fill!

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