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It's easy to get started creating and managing your estimates, but we have some work to do before we are going to be ready to provide our services to the public. Please check back frequently for updates, as our second release beta will be out fairly soon. This will be a prototype, which will be fully functional, and can be used as a proof of concept and starting point for this project. Over time, we will invest more in the design as well as more and more on line tools for managing your projects, decision schedules, payment schedules, estimates etc. Please only use Internet Explorer 8 and above!

What is ApplesToApples?

ApplesToApples, is simply the easiest and most convenient way to manage your estimates, as well as the estimating process. ApplesToApples, actually standardizes the way that we fill out estimates, so that there is always an Apples To Apples comparison with estimates, using predefined estimate templates. A contractor can still add additional line items to an estimate, but over time commonly added line items will be added to the base template. So the process allows the industry to define exactly what they would like to see on their estimates, while allowing the project owner full control over who gets to bid on thier projects, as well as the entire approval process.

Why use ApplesToApples?

We feel that standardizing the way we manage estimates, as well as how we compare those estimates, and allowing a system to compare estimates line by line and ApplesToApples, is going to be on of the best innovations for the construction industry in a very long time. We also offer an built in rating system to help assist with the choosing of your contractor. We are hoping to also eventually be integrated with systems like Angie's List, to offer even more feedback regarding your chosen contractor.

What's the process?

The process is going to be very simple.

  1. Manage your bid requests by simply accepting incoming bid requests, or sending outgoing bid requests to the contractor directly, and wait for the acceptance email.
  2. Once all three bid request are accepted, you will then have your contractors fill out the on line bid template for the project.
  3. Once all the estimates are in, all you have to do is accept the winning bidder, and we will automatically notify all parties on your behalf, who won the bid, avoiding those awkward rejection phone calls.
  4. Then if you choose, you may continue to manage that project using our project management section, or you may also just close out the project and submit your ratings for the project and contractor.

Free Project Listings for Contractors!

Finally, it is absolutely free for contractors to search through our project listings, and choose projects in their area, that they want to bid on. Just sit back and wait for your first bid request approval, select a template, and fill out your bids, and wait for an email response. After that, you will meet your project owner, and begin the work. It's really that simple, and it's really free for everyone to use!